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Review & Outlook – Fourth Quarter 2016

Recovery to Expansion Markets enjoyed a late-cycle rally as economically sensitive and financial stocks embraced Donald Trump’s unexpected victory and a back-up in U.S. policy rates. The questions ahead for 2017 include the fate of…

Review & Outlook – Third Quarter 2016

Great Expectations Developed markets have responded positively in the wake of the U.S. election, with the Trump administration ushering in expectations of greater government spending, potential tariffs, and corporate tax reform. What does the future…

Review & Outlook – Second Quarter 2016

Keep Calm and Carry On After a rocky start to the year, with most stock markets falling into correction territory before recouping their losses mid-February, investors entered the second quarter in a positive mood as…

Review & Outlook – First Quarter 2016

Stop, Drop, Roll and Rebound Genus CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Wayne Wachell, and Director of Wealth Management, Leslie G. Cliff, discuss investor concerns about China’s slowing economy, oil prices and potential U.S. interest rate…

Genus Seminar Slides/Audio Presentation

Genus CEO & Chief Investment Officer, Wayne Wachell, Genus Director of Wealth Management, Leslie G. Cliff, and Ian McKinnon of Addenda Capital (Fixed Income) review the major themes of 2015 (Fed, China, Oil) and outline…

2015 Review / 2016 Outlook

The Long Unwinding Road The adjustments to the global economy and the challenges that financial markets faced in 2015 made for a roller-coaster of a year. The outlook for 2016 is for more of the…

Third Quarter 2015 Review & Outlook

The important and increasing divergence in economic prospects, monetary policy, interest rates and investing environment in various regions around the world remains the dominant global theme in 2015—and the most meaningful force at play in…

Second Quarter 2015 Review & Outlook

The first half of 2015 carried a full year’s worth of financial news. We entered the year with a crisis brewing in Russia and ended the first six months with one bubbling over in debt-strapped…

First Quarter Review & 2015 Outlook

Genus CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Wayne Wachell, and Director of Wealth Management, Leslie G. Cliff, discuss issues affecting the financial markets in the first quarter of 2015 and the outlook over the next few…

Global Decoupling Intensifies

The Great Decoupling between the U.S. and other major world economies became even more apparent in the final three months of 2014 with the U.S. poised to propel global growth in 2015 as other nations…
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