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5 Key Factors to Think About When Picking a Vancouver Wealth Management Firm

There are no shortages of options in Vancouver when looking for a new Wealth Management Firm to invest with, but there are a few key factors you should think about when trying to find that investment firm that best fits you.

Here are 5 Key Factors in a Vancouver Wealth Management Firm that may help you find a perfect fit:

1. Experience

It is important to find a firm that has a wealth of experience behind it. You may also want peace of mind knowing that the wealth management firm you are thinking of investing with has been around for several decades.

2. Consistent Long-Term Returns

Experience is nice, but means very little if the wealth management firm cannot show you a track record of consistent returns. Avoid the flash and look for firms that model themselves on consistency.

3. Defined Investment Process

If an investment firm cannot give you a clear and concise explanation on how they structure investments for clients, this may be a red flag. You need to know the philosophy of the firm and see if that philosophy meshes with your own.


Truly independent wealth management firms often have an advantage over bank owned firms in that they are more nimble and much quicker to react to a rapidly changing investment world. Independent wealth management firms have one sole focus – YOU, while bank-owned entities can often become slaves to their shareholders.

5. Longevity and diversity of employees

A wealth management company that has low turnover in key positions is a good sign.  Equally so is a firm that has strong diversity of employees.  This is a much overlooked factor when picking a new Wealth Manager in Vancouver.

Genus Capital Management was founded in 1989 and is an independent investment management firm based in Vancouver. We are passionate about creating innovative investment solutions that meet our clients’ changing needs.Contact us and find your wealth manager in Vancouver today.