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About Genus: Story and Values

After 30 years of managing custom investment portfolios for institutions and families, change is one thing Genus Capital investment experts have never feared. Learn how we not only embrace change, but turn it to your advantage.

Genus Capital Management is an independent investment management firm based in Vancouver. Founded in 1989, we create innovative investment solutions and tailor them to meet your needs.

At Genus, we use a global perspective and are leaders in leveraging data technology to gain investment insights. We evaluate global investment markets quickly, efficiently and continuously to look for hidden opportunities and better manage risk. We are champions of innovation, always looking to the future to provide you with improved solutions and better ways to invest.

Our Investment Philosophy

At Genus Capital, we know you value a portfolio that is tailored to your needs. Our securities are selected by specialist teams who have in-depth expertise in each asset class and deliver proven results. We take a global view and employ dynamic asset allocation to ensure the investments we choose are strong across the board.

We believe that geographical diversification helps reduce portfolio risk and expose you to the best opportunities. Did you know that Canada represents only 5% of the world’s stock markets? That’s why we believe that maintaining a wide perspective is essential to success. To expand your portfolio globally, we employ a unique approach called “best of best.” This ensures you own the leading companies that each region offers. For instance, Canada has some of the top banks, while the US is strong in technology and Europe is known for its pharmaceuticals. This “best of best” approach offers safety advantages as well.

Ultimately, the most important thing is that your holdings are positioned to meet your objectives. We ensure this by gaining a deep understanding of your goals and designing a customized strategy. To deliver the best results, we are always looking for innovative ways to strengthen our technology, data analysis and investment process.


As an independently owned business, Genus Capital is proud to be among a small number of investment management companies that remain free from outside business influences. Our portfolio managers are not compensated based on transactions. Your success is our success, and you can be certain we will always put your interests first.


When you hire Genus Capital, you benefit from the insights, wisdom and judgment that only experience can bring. You will receive counsel and service from one of our Senior Portfolio Managers, each of whom brings more than 20 years of investment knowledge to the table. By navigating large portfolios through multiple market cycles, we’ve gained a valuable perspective that allows us to deliver prudent money management.


At Genus Capital, when we act as your manager, we never hold any of your cash or securities. We always hold your savings and investments in trust, safeguarded by an independent custodian: RBC Investor Services Trust. RBC is among the top 10 global custodians in the world and is the leading provider of investor services in Canada.

Our Values Shape Our Culture

At Genus Capital, we are passionate about client success. Each member of our team is committed to four principles:


Driven by a desire to find better ways to serve our clients, we focus on developing new ideas rather than limiting ourselves to conventional thinking.


We embrace flexibility to create the best possible fit and better meet the individual needs of our partners and clients.


We take great pride in our professional performance. We pursue best practices and relentlessly strive to achieve excellence in all our business activities.


We believe that the collective strength and intelligence of many are greater than those of one. We work as a team to offer you the best possible service.