For retail wealth managers, we believe the key to success is to offer differentiated portfolios that better meet changing client needs.

Custom solutions that enhance your competitive advantage.

Genus provides fund companies and dealers with tailor-made business solutions in the form of sub-advisory and investment counsel referrals. Our ultimate goal is to deliver original investment strategies that enhance your competitive advantage and profitability.

Differentiated portfolios.

Sub-advisory and investment counsel referrals.

Third-party mutual fund management.

Portfolios modeled for SMA platforms.

Our sub-advisory services include both third-party mutual fund management as well as model portfolios for SMA platforms. For investment counsel referrals, our Genus Partner Program enables you to offer any of our services to your clients. We can work together to develop top-notch business and investment solutions that meet your specific needs.

Innovative Solutions

We believe great investing happens when experienced experts collaborate to develop and execute aligned strategies. Genus Multi-Manager Portfolios bring together our expertise in developed market stock selection and asset allocation with the complementary skill-set of our institutional sub-advisors, Addenda Capital and Wells Capital.


Montreal-based Addenda Capital is one of Canada’s leading bond houses. They manage our high-quality fixed income mandates that include commercial mortgages, as well as corporate and government bonds. Boston-based Wells Capital is a leading global money manager, and they are responsible for security selection on our emerging markets equity mandate.


Our Multi-Manager Portfolios can be customized in a number of ways. Firstly, your client’s investments will be set up to match their specific needs for income, growth and liquidity. For clients seeking tactical asset allocation, we can proactively tilt portfolios toward attractive areas and away from those presenting more risk. We can also tailor the specific safety and yield characteristics of the holdings through our industry leading low-volatility, high-dividend mandates. If you want additional protection from environmental, social and governance risks, we can customize the portfolio to address this as well.

Our Genus CanGlobe and Genus Dividend strategies provide strong diversification and are designed to maximize risk-adjusted returns. These stock mandates combine Canada and the rest of the world into a single optimized strategy that emphasizes top industries in each region. They are invested at around 40 percent Canada, 60 percent global, and are tilted toward the most attractive countries on a monthly basis. Genus CanGlobe seeks to maximize exposure to our highest-ranked stocks with market-levels of risk, while the Genus Dividend strategy provides better income and safety.

Deliver highly concentrated stock strategies in specific geographic regions. These mandates offer access to our highest ranked equities in Canada, the U.S. and EAFE (Europe, Australia and the Far East). Although these strategies are less diversified, they provide greater return potential. To manage risk during difficult market cycles, we aim to allocate a portion of assets to cash.

Genus can help enhance your offering to baby boomers who are approaching and moving into retirement.To meet their needs, we’ve developed several retirement-specific portfolios focused on beating the markets while reducing risk and enhancing yields. Our retirement solutions are available in four client profiles:


• Genus Retirement Income
• Genus Retirement Balanced
• Genus Retirement Growth
• Genus Retirement Equity

These mandates are designed to pursue additional returns and risk reduction through highly active asset allocation. The investment tactics are all expressed through ETFs and are driven by our proprietary DynaMix research. This advanced asset-allocation tool examines over 90 proven market indicators to forecast relative monthly performance amongst several cash, bond, stock, currency and commodity sectors. DynaMix insights help us systematically increase exposure to attractive asset classes and avoid those presenting more risk.


Our investment solutions are grounded in solid research, robust risk management and innovative design.

As a product manager, you may have a clear idea about a specific solution you would like to add to your platform. If so, we can use our research technology (RAMKit) to develop, test and execute a product specific to your philosophy. Genus Custom Strategies seeks to deliver “perfect fit” investment solutions grounded in solid research, robust risk management and innovative design.

Socially Responsible Strategies

Fossil Free Portfolios

For clients preferring socially responsible investing, Genus offers a variety of strategies based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. For example, clients concerned about climate risk may wish to divest from fossil fuels. We are leaders in this area and were recognized in 2014 by the Responsible Investment Association as offering “the most robust subcategory of Fossil Fuel Free products.” All of our socially responsible strategies seek to add performance by identifying and avoiding ESG related risks.

Impact Equity Strategies

Mission-based investing is another significant growth area in sustainability. Our strategy seeks to make positive social and environmental impacts in addition to generating competitive financial returns. This mandate focuses on investing in global companies who are leaders in sustainability areas such as: renewable energy, energy efficiency, water and waste management, low negative impact products, sustainable agriculture, as well as access to healthcare, education and technology. This solution is a one-of-a-kind in Canada.