Aligning your investments with your values has become more important and more complex than ever. Join Canadian leaders in values-based investing as they explore effective methods to align your investments with your values and share their journeys with impact investing. Here's a sample of what you will explore in this session (with an interactive Q&A):

  • Strategies to help identify your (and your family’s) values
  • How to ensure that your investments align with those values
  • Understanding and measuring your investments’ impact over time

This interactive webinar will include a Q&A session

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Mike Thiessen Chief Sustainability Officer, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Partner Genus Capital Management

Mary Lou MilesDirector of Wealth Management, PartnerGenus Capital Management

I am a partner and the director of wealth management. I believe integrity, honesty, and empathy are fundamental to great results for both our clients and our staff internally.

My areas of expertise are in cash flow planning, estates, and trusts. I oversee all of these aspects into our clients’ portfolio management, including inter-generational wealth. I love to hear people’s stories and use my resources to connect them with others who can help guide them in their journey.

Mike provides leadership for all sustainable disciplines, including research and portfolio construction. Prior to joining Genus, he worked at a strategic consultancy firm, a quantitative hedge fund and an equity research firm. Mike holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge concentrating in Social Innovation and is a CFA Charterholder.

As Chief Sustainability Officer, Mike oversees allocation of our sustainable initiatives, including the research and portfolio construction that goes into this.

Mike is  passionate about environmental and social issues, I need to make an impact with my career.

Carol NewellFounder, Funder, PresidentRenewal Partners

Annabelle WhiteFounder, CEO, Primary VisionaryDragonfly Ventures

Investor by circumstance, innovator by nature, Carol Newell’s life work has been to create programs and organizations that seed new thinking about our relationships with social, natural and financial resources. In the early-90’s she dedicated an inheritance with a goal to build a culture that prioritizes the health and diversity of natural systems. Her private family office, Renewal, implemented a strategy to deliver mission-focused, cross-sector, blended-values capital to a region via Endswell Foundation, Renewal Partners seed capital fund, and additional personal capital.

In 2004, Carol founded and co-created Play BIG to help others boldly activate wealth. Her most recent project ReWeaving Wealth, is a nimble process tool designed to help people integrate and mobilize decisions, creative thinking and resource activation. She has received numerous awards and was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada in 2007. 

Having traveled an unconventional path, Annabelle takes great pride in her leadership role of Dragonfly Ventures as Primary Visionary and co-CEO. With multiple family losses came a great responsibility to understand and manage her financial legacy. Annabelle’s true passion developed while connecting to the natural world through travel, rural living, wilderness adventures, and with the special four-leggeds who have joined her journey.

She has worked diligently to aim her inner compass towards meaningful change along paths not yet taken. She would ultimately revel if the pervasive and destructive use of global toxics was permanently eliminated.

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