Genus Quarterly Commentary


From Politics to Central Banks: The World is Catching Up With the U.S.

Second Quarter Commentary – 2017: Global equities continued their march higher in Canadian dollar terms for the second quarter, but the real action took place in bonds, foreign exchange and commodities. The end of the…

Reflation Theme Remains on Track, Despite Taking Pause

First Quarter Commentary – 2017: Global equities racked up solid gains in the first quarter of 2017. Although investors remain concerned over the timeline and details of U.S. pro-growth policies, stocks significantly outperformed bonds. U.S.…

Keep Calm & Carry On

Second Quarter Commentary – 2016: After a rocky start to the year, with most stock markets falling into correction territory before recouping their losses mid-February, investors entered the second quarter in a positive mood as…

Stop, Drop, Roll and Rebound

First Quarter Commentary – 2016: Concerns about China’s slowing economy, plunging oil prices and anxiety about U.S. interest rate hikes, coupled with tepid global growth, led to a volatile and rocky start to the first…

The Long Unwinding Road

Fourth Quarter Commentary – 2015: The adjustments to the global economy and the challenges that financial markets faced in 2015 made for a rollercoaster of a year. The outlook for 2016 is for more of…

The Year of Living Divergently

Third Quarter Commentary – 2015: The important and increasing divergence in economic prospects, monetary policy, interest rates and investing environment in various regions around the world remains the dominant global theme in 2015. Read our…

Year of the U.S. Growth Locomotive

Second Quarter Commentary – 2015: The first half of 2015 carried a full year’s worth of financial news. We entered the year with a crisis brewing in Russia and ended the first six months with…

Fed Forced to Rethink Next Move

First Quarter Commentary – 2015: Six years of easy money conditions have propelled a huge run up in equity prices and corporate bonds and once the U.S. Federal Reserve’s tide of seemingly endless liquidity pulls…

Global Decoupling Intensifies

Fourth Quarter Commentary – 2014 The Great Decoupling between the U.S. and the other major world economies became even more apparent in the final three months of 2014. After long struggling to claw its way…

Uncle Sam, the Dragon, and the Bear

First Quarter Commentary – 2014 It’s a divergence of fortunes few would have predicted. In the five years since Wall Street’s 2008 collapse, it’s Uncle Sam and the US economy and markets that seem to…
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