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Genus Sister Company Responsive.AI Launches

Genus is proud to announce the public launch of our sister company Responsive. Responsive offers AI-driven active management to a new generation of investors directly over web and mobile. With as little as $10K, investors…

BREXIT: Immediate Implications

The outcome of the referendum which saw the United Kingdom vote by a narrow margin to leave the European Union clearly surprised observers and the financial markets. It is too soon to jump to any…

Investing to Create Greater Impact

Foundation Focus – Spring 2016: The advent of “impact investing” offers Canadian foundations the opportunity to leverage their investments by aligning a portion of their portfolios to achieve greater mission impact—and satisfy a key recommendation…

Millennials Impacting Financial Industry

Choosing Planet & People Over Profit Between now and 2050, baby boomers will pass an estimated $30 trillion in financial and non-financial assets to their Millennial Generation[1] heirs in North America. The result will be…

The ECB Shakes Up Markets

What’s Going On Here? By Scott Tindle of FINIMIZE The big news on Wednesday (December 2, 2015) was that the European Central Bank (ECB) announced more measures aimed at boosting the economy, but the announcements…

Montréal Pledge: Genus Carbon Footprint

Genus Fossil Free Equity Funds – Carbon Footprint Published Climate change can have a significant impact on financial markets and investment returns. Genus seeks to manage the investment risks and opportunities associated with climate change…

Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline

The Obama administration Friday (November 6, 2015) rejected a presidential permit for the highly controversial Keystone XL pipeline, the Associated Press reported. President Barack Obama announced his decision on the pipeline Friday morning with Secretary…

Greece Approves Package of Reforms

ATHENS, July 16, 2015 – The Greek parliament approved a package of wide-reaching reforms that are a condition of a third bailout from lenders. In the early hours of Thursday morning, the austerity bill that…

Beyond the Greek Impasse

Greek Situation Reaches Terminal Point By George Friedman (Stratfor) The Greek situation — having perhaps outlived the term “crisis,” now that it has taken so long to unfold — appears to have finally reached its…

Genus Expands Scholarship Program

Genus Expands Scholarship Program $20,000 Support for Aboriginal Students Genus has introduced a $20,000 scholarship program for students from the Alberta Metis Settlements and Carcross-Tagish First Nation in the Yukon. Representatives of the leadership in…
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