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COVID-19 and the resiliency of impact investing

Adam Spence, founder and director of SVX, and Mike Thiessen, partner and director of sustainable investments at Genus Capital Founder, outline how impact investing has thrived amid the COVID-19 turmoil.”

“In the wake of this turmoil, a pattern has emerged in the capital markets: investing for positive impact has demonstrated resilience and strong financial performance. ESG-focused investing and impact investing has proven to be a successful strategy for every bottom line: financial, social, and environmental.”

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About Genus Capital Management Inc.
Genus Capital Management Inc. is an independent investment management firm based in Vancouver, founded in 1989. Genus is passionate about creating innovative investment solutions that meet our clients’ changing needs. With more than $1.6 billion in assets under management, Genus’ clients include leading environmental organizations, foundations, and individuals across Canada. Today, Genus Capital is at the forefront of Canada’s Divest-Invest movement with a complete suite of fossil fuel free funds that are tailored to meet the needs of investors who wish to invest in a sustainable, clean energy future.
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Genus’ Fossil Free Portfolios explained

Deciding to move your assets away from fossil fuel intensive portfolios is the first big step in your new responsible investment journey, but choosing the right portfolio to align your investments with your values can be challenging. Below, we’ve outlined Genus’ suite of Fossil Free

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