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Successful money management requires vision and discipline and at Genus we provide both. Our ability to evolve, learn and respond quickly to changing market realities has ensured our clients gain both from new opportunities and are protected from unnecessary risk. Our investment process is supported by comprehensive data analysis and computer modelling that allows us to empirically test our strategies, rebalance portfolios, manage risk and identify emerging trends globally.

Genus Custom Strategies seeks to deliver “perfect fit” investment solutions grounded in solid research, robust risk management and innovative design.


Genus has expertise in serving a wide variety of pension structures and platforms. We offer a unique set of strategies to meet the retirement growth and income needs of your plan’s participants. At the same time, Genus employs cutting-edge technology to ensure all risks are appropriately managed. Our investment process is supported by comprehensive data analysis and computer modelling that allows us to empirically test our strategies, rebalance portfolios, control risk and identify emerging trends globally.


As a foundation, endowment or not-for-profit organization, your capacity to serve your community is directly related to your ability to preserve and enhance your financial assets. Since 1990, Genus has assisted organizations like yours to successfully achieve their community impact goals by understanding and meeting their need for income and stability through portfolios that have a higher yield and lower risk than market benchmarks.

Indigenous Communities

As a steward of your community’s investments, your challenge is to ensure the effective management of your financial assets for the benefit of today’s members and future generations. Many indigenous communities are facing increasing costs and decreasing per-capita government funding. At Genus, we understand your need to create a sustainable legacy for the future, while generating enough revenue to fund the essential services and programs that ensure a healthy and engaged community today. Since 2004, Genus has been a trusted advisor to indigenous communities in British Columbia, Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

Socially Responsible Strategies

Fossil Free Portfolios

For clients preferring socially responsible investing, Genus offers a variety of strategies based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. For example, clients concerned about climate risk may wish to divest from fossil fuels. We are leaders in this area and were recognized in 2014 by the Responsible Investment Association as offering “the most robust subcategory of Fossil Fuel Free products.” All of our socially responsible strategies seek to add performance by identifying and avoiding ESG related risks.

Impact Equity Strategies

Mission-based investing is another significant growth area in sustainability. Our strategy seeks to make positive social and environmental impacts in addition to generating competitive financial returns. This mandate focuses on investing in global companies who are leaders in sustainability areas such as: renewable energy, energy efficiency, water and waste management, low negative impact products, sustainable agriculture, as well as access to healthcare, education and technology. This solution is a one-of-a-kind in Canada.