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Impact Profile: Christie Stephenson

CS-300x300SRI accelerates social change. This was the message from Christie Stephenson, one of Vancouver’s leading environmental thinkers, speaking at a recent Genus Capital Fossil Free investing seminar.

Stephenson believes that combining strong financial performance with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices has the greatest potential to improve corporate performance, identify and manage risks and, ultimately deliver better, more sustainable returns.[1] For investors, this offers alignment between their investment choices and their goals to build a better world, while also achieving strong financial returns.

Christie Stephenson is a champion of corporate social responsibility and a sustainable business expert whose core expertise is in corporate ESG risk evaluation and mitigation. Much of Stephenson’s work is related to Socially Responsible Investing (SRI); Stephenson defines SRI as “an investment approach making reference to environmental, social, and government factors in the selection and management of investments.”[2]  It is a marriage between traditional financial analysis and ESG analysis.

Stephenson has spent the past 15 years in the impact investing field and has worked at two of Canada’s leading socially responsible firms: Sustainalytics and NEI Investments. She currently anchors the Western Canadian practice at Canada’s leading impact investment advisory firm Purpose Capital.

twitter: @c_e_stephenson

[1] Ethical Funds.

[2] Theo Lyons, “About “ethical” funds and the power of divestment,” Vancouver Observer, April 9, 2013.