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Individuals & Families

As an individual investor—whether you are an executive, entrepreneur, professional, or a family’s designated investment handler—we know you are looking for performance you can count on and people you can trust. 

We provide institutional-calibre portfolio management to a broad range of individual investors. Working with us, you’ll enjoy the attentiveness of a boutique firm while benefiting from our global expertise and access to top asset-class specialists. Our assistance goes beyond investment counselling, presenting you with clear, effective wealth solutions. We work with your current advisors to ensure a complementary and comprehensive approach to managing your wealth. We have been helping individual investment clients reach their financial goals for more than 25 years.

Personalized Service From Start to Finish

We understand that each investor’s goals are unique. We built our reputation by carefully listening to our clients and delivering highly customized solutions that meet their objectives. When you join us as a client, the first step in our engagement involves sitting down with one of our portfolio managers to discuss your situation so we can understand what you’d like to achieve. From there, we will develop your personal Investment Policy Statement, which confirms your goals and provides a forward-looking framework of clear guidelines and strategies for effectively managing your money.

Fossil Free® Solutions for Individual Investors

Are you a motivated investor interested in fossil free products? If you have a portfolio in search of a manager who knows how to get solid performance from socially responsible, climate-friendly investments, we’d love to hear from you. Genus Fossil Free, our solution for individual investors, offers a complete set of Fossil Free® funds designed and managed to meet your investment needs. Tap into our expertise: we can help you invest responsibly in a sustainable, clean-energy future.

How we meet your goals


Understanding Your Objectives


Creating an Investment Policy


Implementing Asset Location


Executing Security Selection


Overseeing and Reporting

Original Solutions

We believe great investing happens when experienced experts collaborate to develop and execute aligned strategies. Our Multi-Manager Portfolios bring together our expertise in developed market stock selection and asset allocation with the complementary skillsets of our institutional-quality sub-advisors, AlphaFixe Capital and Wells Capital.

Boston-based Wells Capital is a leading global money manager, and is responsible for security selection on our emerging markets equity mandate.

We can customize our Multi-Manager Portfolios in a number of ways. First, we can set up your investments to match your specific needs for income, growth, liquidity and capital preservation. If you are seeking high tax-efficiency, we can execute your asset allocation in a more passive fashion. If you prefer a tactical approach, we can proactively tilt your portfolio toward the most attractive asset classes and away from areas that present more risk. We can also tailor the safety and yield characteristics of your holdings through our industry-leading, low-volatility, high-dividend mandates. If you’re interested in socially responsible investing, we have the expertise to customize your Multi-Manager Portfolio in that regard as well.

If you are looking for strong diversification while maximizing risk-adjusted returns, we recommend our CanGlobe and Dividend strategies. These portfolios are typically invested at around 40% Canada and 60% global in each region’s top companies. CanGlobe seeks to maximize exposure to our highest-ranked stocks with market levels of risk, while our Dividend strategy provides better income and safety.

If you like the idea of highly concentrated stock portfolios in specific geographic regions, alpha strategies may be ideal for you. These strategies are useful for gaining precise geographic exposures, and offer access to our highest-ranked equities in Canada, the US and EAFE (Europe, Australia and the Far East). Although these mandates are less diversified, they provide greater return potential. To manage risk during difficult market cycles, these strategies aim to allocate a portion of their assets to cash.

The Genus Wealth Management team is fully focused on helping you and your family make the most of retirement. We understand that as you approach and move into retirement, you need strong overall returns with greater safety and more income. To meet these goals, we’ve developed several retirement-specific portfolios focused on beating the markets while reducing risk and enhancing yields. We also offer complementary retirement planning to help clarify requirements and identify options.

 Do you prefer investments that are socially responsible? At Genus Capital, we offer a variety of strategies based on environmental, social and governance criteria. For example, if you are concerned about climate change, you may want to divest from fossil fuels. We are leaders in this area and were recognized in 2014 by the Responsible Investment Association as offering “the most robust subcategory of Fossil Fuel Free products.” Read more about Fossil Free® investing.

If you are interested in sustainability, you may want to know more about mission-based investing, another significant growth area. This approach seeks to make positive social and environmental impacts in addition to generating financial returns. Our mission-based strategy is one of a kind in Canada. It invests in global companies that are positive-impact leaders offering strong return potential.

Competitive Advantage

Knowledge is power, and in the “information age,” it’s essential to have a systematic way to gain insights from the mega data available. Over the past 25 years, we’ve built and continued to enhance our leading-edge investment research and analysis platform called Genus RAMKit. This proprietary software equips us to collect and continually interpret vast amounts of new information from many sources around the world. Through RAMKit, we can find determinants of performance, develop and test asset allocation strategies, and explore new security selection and portfolio construction techniques.

RAMKit contains more than 1.5 terabytes of economic, market and stock data from around the globe. Through this system, we’ve found over 300 proven investment factors and used them to develop more than 40 investment models. RamKit enables Genus to continually improve and executive sound strategies for our clients.

At Your Service

As wealth managers, our services are designed to allow you to focus on other aspects of your life while knowing your assets are well cared for. In addition to managing your money, we provide access to a wide range of value-added resources. These include financial planning, philanthropic strategy and financial education through our expert panel events.

As a client, you can receive:

• An Investment Policy Statement that clearly establishes your personalized strategy;
• Direct service and money management through a dedicated portfolio manager;
• A comprehensive quarterly reporting package that can be customized to meet your needs;
• Quarterly consultations via phone or in person;
• Quarterly online video commentaries and newsletters from our investment team;
• Comprehensive family office services, where we research and coordinate additional strategies through external wealth and business advisors;
• Secure web access to your account information;
• Prompt responses to your calls and emails;
• Invitations to Genus-sponsored educational seminars;
• Complimentary Genus cash-flow analysis; and
• Access to answers from our knowledgeable panel of experts.


Without a doubt, reducing your investment fees and expenses is one of the best ways to improve your results. Our fees are competitive, transparent and based on the market value of the assets we manage for you. In this way, we have a direct financial incentive to put your interests first and help protect and grow your wealth. All of your family’s accounts can also be grouped together to reduce your expenses.


As your manager, we never hold any of your cash or securities. Your savings and investments are always held in trust and safeguarded by an independent custodian, RBC Investor Services Trust. RBC is ranked among the top 10 global custodians in the world, and is a leading provider of investor services in Canada.

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We welcome your questions and enquiries. Please feel free to contact us. We would also be pleased to meet with you to discuss your plan’s needs in more detail.

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Portfolio Manager (Founding Partner)

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Director of Wealth Management, Portfolio Manager (Partner)

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Portfolio Manager, Director of Client Service (Partner)

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Portfolio Manager

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Portfolio Manager