Join Grant Conroy & Cindy Radu as they explore the keys to a tactful and compassionate family wealth transition. In this webinar they will introduce three modern day family wealth transition topics:

  • How “monsters” are created - a case study
  • How family wealth transition is about more than money
  • How different approaches can achieve better outcomes

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Cindy RaduFamily Wealth Transition AdvisorTamarind Learning

Grant ConroyPortfolio Manager, Partner
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As a family wealth transition advisor, Cindy helps individuals, family enterprises, business owners and family offices navigate the complexities and opportunities that come with wealth. In her practice, Cindy draws on over 35 years of legal, fiduciary, trust and governance experience in professional services firms, financial institutions and family offices. She uses her skills to provide an objective perspective and facilitate understanding of how complex family, business and ownership structures can impact family dynamics and family wealth continuity. 

As a portfolio manager, I work with institutions, individuals, and families. I have a long history of being dedicated to stay ahead of the markets having started my career in 1996, covering some of the world’s largest asset managers. I continue this market journey and seek to add value on a more personal basis. As a qualified Family Enterprise Advisor, I am versed in the complexities that can come with family wealth. This can range from how to prepare and educate the next generation and communicating legacy intentions to protecting family unity. My own values include equality, learning, and integrity. Outside of work, I am the chief “dad joke” teller in our household and serve on two not-for-profit boards.

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