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Video Commentary & Perspective

Video Commentary & Perspective

Eye of the Storm – First Quarter 2011

The shock from Japan’s devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis, coupled with political violence in the Middle East, civil war in Libya and Portugal adding to the Eurozone’s debt woes, gave equity markets lots to deal with in March. Video update with Wayne Wachell and Leslie G. Cliff.

Key Takeaways

• Barrage of unexpected events creating strong headwinds for world economy, equity markets
• Global recovery remains resilient: China strong, U.S. firming, Europe improving
• Spiking energy prices, inflation pressures in China, U.S., Eurozone signal end to low rates
• Canada’s currency strength putting downward pressure on inflation and economic growth
• Corporate bonds favoured over relatively low-yielding government bonds and T-bills
• Equities holding up well; valuations remain attractive. Dividend-payers being favoured

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