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What to Expect When You Invest with Genus

Your trust isn’t something we take lightly. That’s why when you begin investing with Genus, we’ll take you through our rigorous get-to-know-you process before we actually start investing your money.


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Here’s what to expect when you invest with Genus:

We start by getting to know you. We ask questions, listen and gain an understanding of your goals and values.

One of our portfolio managers works with you to understand your unique situation, values, comfort with risk, past experiences and investment objectives.

Your portfolio manager then recommends an investment strategy aimed at achieving your objectives.

Your personal portfolio manager develops a customized strategy that is aligned with your goals and values. This strategy is formally documented in your personal Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which is our agreement with you and reflects how we’ll manage your investments.

Your sustainable investment accounts are opened, and you start saving for your future.

At Genus, securities are selected by experts with proven track records and expertise in each asset class. Your portfolio combines our expertise in stock selection and asset allocation with the complementary skill set of one of Canada’s leading fixed-income managers. Our top-down bottom-up investment process (top-down asset allocation and bottom-up stock selection) is backed by time-tested research and technology that helps us uncover new insights that improve our performance (learn more about how technology is changing wealth management — and what it means for you).

We select Fossil-Free™ investments to match your goals. When investing with Genus, you benefit from our global investment strategy, which is shaped by examining a company’s value, growth, analyst expectations, momentum, quality and sustainability. Our decades of experience in quantitative research and data sciences are embodied in our proprietary research platform. This, coupled with our risk management tools, aims to deliver consistent returns. This approach helps to strengthen our Fossil Free and Impact Investing portfolios.

Our investment teams continuously review your portfolio to make sure its return is optimized.

We monitor your portfolio continuously and rebalance it monthly.

Your portfolio manager will also review your investment strategy regularly to make sure it stays aligned with your situation and goals.

Your portfolio manager consults with you regularly to ensure the strategies we’ve developed for you are still meeting your evolving goals and needs, as well as your service and performance expectations. No matter what happens in your life, we’ll always be a partner looking out for your future. And no matter what happens in the markets, we’ll be embracing change and innovation as we have done for the past 30 years.

Learn more about investing with Genus or get in touch to chat about how we can help you achieve your investing goals.

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