Join us as we explore ways to navigate the tricky and unique roles of Estate Representatives and Power of Attorney's, with input from a panel of estate experts. In addition to covering the basics of what it means to be a Power of Attorney, we'll explore such topics as:

✔️ Understanding the Role and Responsibilities of a Power of Attorney

✔️ Legal Requirements and Documentation

✔️ Communication and Collaboration

This interactive webinar will include a Q&A session.

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Julia ChungCo-Founder & CEOSpring Planning

Sue-May TalbotPortfolio Manager / Partner
Genus Capital Management

As a portfolio manager, I work with individuals and families to help create impactful portfolios that align with their values while serving their goals, such as saving for the future or making the most out of retirement. My collaborative and solutions-driven approach has helped me to create strong client partnerships.

As Genus’ first hire in 1989, I have extensive experience and knowledge to meet my clients’ needs. I am proud to contribute to an organization that continues to innovate and has become a leader in sustainable investments. My own personal values include honesty, integrity and inclusion.

I am a total gym rat. I believe that exercise is so important for mental and physical health. I look forward every year to our family vacations with my husband and two boys.

Julia Chung is a highly educated, experienced advice-only (fee for service) financial planner specializing in personal finance, multi-generational family wealth, legacy, and succession planning. Her passion and drive to help people achieve is evidenced in her business, volunteer, and educational life.

In 2011, Julia founded JYC Financial as an independent financial planning firm. Later, in 2017, she co-founded Spring Planning, a conflict-free financial planning firm offering advice-only personal finance services.

In her role as a Board Director at Family Enterprise Canada, she leads as the Chair of the FEA Council. Julia also co-founded the Financial Planning Association of Canada, and is currently President.

Her lifelong dedication to education has provided her with multiple designations and a thirst for knowledge that has extended her expertise beyond any single area of expertise, allowing her to analyse and advise from multiple perspectives.

Julia’s unique ability is “Manifesting the Improbable”. She relishes challenge, and is especially excited by opportunities that start with someone saying, “You can’t do that.”

Rose ShawleeCounselBoughton Law Corporation

I run a client focused practice, assisting clients with their personal and business legal planning needs. 

I've had the privilege to focus my legal practice on wealth preservation and enjoy a collaborative approach that includes all a client's advisors to ensure that the most informed and sound results are achieved.

Genus Capital Management

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