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How Impact Investing Drives Change for the Planet and Your Future

Choosing impact investing means you can support pressing social and environmental advancements while also securing your financial future — a true win-win. 

Now, more than ever, we are living in a world of change. There is a collective shift toward the desire to do better. To leave the world in a better state for our children and their children. To contribute to causes we care deeply about. With impact investing, we can have real, tangible impact on some of the world’s most pressing socioeconomic and environmental challenges.

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Impact investing is growing, because it’s a win-win

When you choose impact investments, you’re divesting from companies that are high carbon emitters, and those that are directly involved in extracting, processing and transporting oil, gas, or coal.

And by investing in fossil fuel free funds, you’re supporting causes that mean the most to you, without furthering the development of companies that harm the planet and society. 

But you’re also building security for your financial future. 

Impact investing is financially robust

The energy sector can be volatile. We fill in the gaps with strong companies that are not involved in extracting, refining or transporting fossil fuels. Over a seven-year period, clients who divested from fossil fuels with our Genus Fossil Free™ CanGlobe Equity Fund saw stronger financial returns than their benchmark (25% TSX Composite, 75% MSCI World Index).

While markets plummeted this year due to COVID-19—and then bounced back—some industries, like oil and gas, didn’t regain their pre-pandemic market value. During a crisis, impact investing not only holds up. This type of sustainable investing excels.

From December 31, 2019 to July 31, 2020, impact investors in our Fossil Free High Impact Equity Fund received a return of 9.91%, outperforming its benchmark (MSCI World Index) of 2.35% over the same period (data retrieved from 2020 Divestment Report, page 17)

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Summary:With divesting from fossil fuels for the seven-year period ending July 31, 2020, our Genus Capital’s Fossil Free™️ CanGlobe Equity Fund has produced better results than the returns of its benchmark* and the overall Canadian stock market index, both of which include coal and major carbon producing industries.

Read the 2020 Divestment Report here

How you can achieve impact in the world by impact investing with Genus Fossil Free

At Genus, we have a long history with socially responsible and ESG investing, which refers to environmental, social and governance—three key factors in measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of a company. 

But we go further than other ESG and ethical funds with Genus Fossil Free. With our Net Impact Score™, we account for both the positive and negative impact of your investments—and aim to create more positive impact with your money. 

Our portfolio managers listen to your core values: What do you care about? What do you want to achieve with your investments? What sort of impact on the world do you want to make? Our financial advisors investigate top-performing companies in the industries you choose to create an impact investing strategy that’s right for you.

It is your choice which causes and industries you align with. This way, you’re not only seeing financial returns that better your future, but also the impact you’re making on the planet and society.

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By optimizing your portfolio, divesting from fossil fuel stocks, and investing in future-forward solutions, you can reduce overall financial risk without sacrificing returns. 

We’ve seen first-hand that an impact-first strategy can hedge against crises, while securing not only yours and your children’s future, but also supporting the future of the planet and society. Are you ready to join us and make an impact?

Learn more about impact investing in our Divestment Report 2020, which analyzes seven years of Fossil Free performance, or contact us to chat about a personalized plan tailored to the impact you want to make in the world.

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