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Institutional Portfolio Net Impact Score Ranking Report 2020

2020 Divestment Report​

Institutional Portfolio Net Impact Score™

Many institutions such as foundations, educational institutions and religious groups strive to make positive societal impacts by offering grants, engaging in community activities or supporting causes. Today, they can also leverage their endowments or investment portfolios to enhance their positive impact.

A holistic view of your investment

The net-impact of an investment is calculated by measuring the positive “score” of an investment, based on the extent to which it supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and adding up the revenue that a firm derives from negative-impact sources

Cutting down negative impact

Within the rankings, most of the institutions’ gains relative to the indexes came from cutting out negative impact rather than from exceeding positive impact. Several of the institutions on our list had 0% negative impact whereas the MSCI World Index has a negative impact of 11.5%.

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