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Vestas: Responsible Investing in Global Energy

From small beginnings as a Danish blacksmith shop in 1898, Vestas started producing wind turbines in 1979 and now leads the market with revenues of €6.9B and more than 54,000 turbines that generate enough electricity for millions of households.[1]

At Genus Capital, Socially Responsible Investing means investing in leading companies that are operating both profitably and sustainably. Vestas, the only global energy company dedicated exclusively to wind power, is one of several companies in Genus’ Fossil Free Impact Equity Fund.

Response to global demand

The World Energy Council predicts that global energy demand will increase sharply over the next four decades, exacerbated by large numbers of aging conventional power plants facing decommission. Vestas’ newest 3MW platform can now produce enough electricity in three hours to supply the average European household for an entire year. [2]

By 2020, Vestas predicts that as much as 10% of the world’s electricity consumption will be satisfied by wind energy, putting it on par with the coal and gas industries.[3]

Sound business investment

Vestas has taken wind power to a level of technological maturity, making it price competitive with conventional energy sources, and a sound business investment.

“Our aim is lower cost of energy, greater operational efficiencies, and value creation for our shareholders and customers.”

Anders Runevad, Group President & CEO

While commodity prices are volatile, the price of wind is predictable and stable – and free in every currency. This makes an unusually attractive business case for people and governments looking to reduce risk while investing in energy.

Future orientation

With more than 25,000 of its wind turbines streaming data, Vestas monitors, services, and analyses performance diagnostics of the world’s largest fleet of wind turbines every day. This ensures continuous improvement, impeccable maintenance and exceptional customer service.

Vestas is a company that Genus believes is both a sound investment and one that is making a meaningful positive environmental impact.

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