Women Are Excellent Investors, But They Still Face Challenges. Here’s How to Overcome Them

A women investor reviewing her portfolio performance

For decades, women have been underrepresented in investing¹ – both professionally and as consumers. But, in the last several years, the tide has started to turn, and more women are investing² than ever before. Women are becoming more financially independent and are recognizing the importance of investing to secure their future.

In 2020, women controlled about a third of the world’s ³. But in the coming years, women stand to inherit an unprecedented amount of wealth as part of the greatest wealth transfer in history⁴. In the U.S., the majority of investable assets are controlled by Baby Boomers in joint households. Because women tend to live longer than men, they will gain control of the family purse strings before their wealth gets passed on to the next generation. Data from McKinsey⁵ shows that, by 2030, women could control the lion’s share of Boomers’ $30 trillion in financial assets.

The good news is, women are excellent investors⁶. But they still face challenges – whether they’re looking to live comfortably in retirement, invest for impact, help their children and grandchildren begin their own investment journeys, or all of the above, they’ll need to overcome common obstacles to meet their goals – and meaningfully narrow the investment gender gap. Fortunately, with the help of a gender-lens-informed portfolio manager, all of this is possible (and more). 

Women reviewing their investments

Gender-Based Perceptions and Misconceptions

Women investors often get a bad rap⁷ – along with the assumption that they’re not as financially savvy as men. In fact, eight in 10 women say they’ve encountered these stereotypes. But in truth, these assumptions don’t hold water. Multiple studies have found that women investors outperform men, including recent research from Fidelity that concluded women’s portfolios surpassed men’s⁸ by nearly half a percentage point over a decade. 

Even so, research shows women lag behind men⁹ in investment knowledge and confidence. And there are many reasons for these discrepancies, says Mary Lou Miles, partner and head of wealth management at Genus. “Everything from culture, to marketing, to the way that this financial education is ignored for the most part in the school system.” There is also the glaring income gap¹⁰ that women face as they are often paid less than men and may have less disposable income to invest. 

Miles says these influences breed imposter syndrome in many women – from those who’ve come into money through inheritance to those who’ve had successful careers. “They sometimes feel detached from their investments, particularly if they’ve faced bias from male-dominated institutions” she says.

Finances can be intimidating. Acronyms can create exclusivity, there’s a lot at stake and someone who’s new to investing may not be aware of all their options. To overcome that challenge, education can go a long way. 

Our solution:

There are now more educational resources available to women, allowing them to learn about the investment process and build their knowledge and confidence. Genus offers regular webinars that cover everything from estate and legacy planning¹¹ to values alignment¹² in an investment portfolio. 

But often the most valuable information comes through meeting with a portfolio manager. “We focus on looking at long-term planning and asking questions they haven’t thought about,” says Miles. That includes exploring the client’s values, interests and goals for their legacy. 

“Clarity of communication is key, and making sure they feel comfortable,” Miles adds. “And also that they’re part of the decision-making process – it’s more about them than us.”

Lack of Diversity in Wealth Management

For many women, feeling heard, understood and taken seriously in the financial services sector can be rare. Part of that is due to a lack of female representation among wealth managers.

“The investment industry is definitely male-dominated,” says Miles. One 2020 report found that just 18% of total financial advisors in the U.S¹³. are women. That lack of diversity can make for an intimidating environment for women, particularly if they’re new to investing. “That can be a barrier to entry for some prospective clients,” Miles says.

Seeking out a portfolio manager who is empathetic to their needs can help women to overcome this barrier. But that’s not always easy to find. 

Our solution:

At Genus, we’ve been intentional about ensuring there’s gender diversity throughout the entire team, including management and the board of directors. “Our role is to be the trusted advisor who they can come to if they need help with anything,” says Miles. 

More Ways Than Ever to Make an Impact

While historically, women investors may have felt at odds with wealth management, it’s clear that their participation represents a new chapter – and new potential – for impact. 

Studies have found about 52% of women prefer to invest¹⁴ in companies with positive social or environmental impact, compared to 44% of men. As more women look to invest, there will be more questions about which companies are making a difference in the world, and an expectation that wealth management companies provide answers.

Our solution:

Genus has been offering sustainable investing solutions since 1994, and includes a suite of impact funds¹⁵. But Miles says there’s no textbook approach, and portfolio management comes down to each client’s personal values, needs and goals.

“A lot of people haven’t thought in terms of how their funds – and their portfolio – can meet their values,” she says. With a portfolio manager’s help, women investors can safely explore how best to put their wealth to work toward the issues that match their values – and truly lead the way in the growth in impact investing¹⁶

Overall, the rise of women investors is a positive trend that could lead to more diversity and innovation in the investment industry. It is important for financial institutions and society as a whole to continue to support and encourage women in their investment endeavors.

Interested in exploring how our wealth managers can help you? Contact a Genus advisor to get started. 


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"Having relatively diverse financial goals and needs, along with a slight reticence regarding the stock market, Genus skillfully addressed all of our concerns, and put together a truly exceptional plan: Fossil free funds and a diversified investment portfolio, check; An effective Impact investment portfolio that coincides with our hopes and dreams for a better world, check; Professional advice and assistance to create a donor advised charitable fund with immediate charitable receipts for tax purposes, check. Returns? Way beyond our expectations! We even had some fun along the way and certainly enjoyed an incredible two-year start to what will be a satisfying long-term relationship with Genus."
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“Back in 1992 when I found myself at fifty with a substantial amount of money to invest, I knew just one thing — that I didn’t want to contribute to tobacco companies, arms manufacturers, or oil. But over the ensuing years the options for socially responsible investing have become far more sophisticated and I’m very happy that this is a big part of the Genus approach. I also very much appreciate the long-term relationship with my portfolio manager, Mary Lou.”
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