My Internship Experience with Genus – Richard Rocha

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Genus Capital Management is committed to initiatives aimed at developing the workforce of tomorrow. We believe the experience young professionals can get early on in their career is paramount to their future success.

Central to these initiatives is our internship program, allowing students to gain real-world experience working in our fast-paced environment, with guidance and insights given to the interns from many facets of our business.

One of our past interns, Richard Rocha, shared his experiences working with Genus through the Fall of 2020.

In Richard Rocha’s Words

I had the pleasure of working with Vancouver-based investment manager Genus Capital Management for the Fall semester thanks to the Haskayne School of Businesses partnership with MITACS. This internship was an unexpected opportunity, but one I am extremely grateful for due to the variety of experience it brought to my Finance degree.

Responsibilities & Experiences

Throughout my time as a Fintech Analyst, I was involved with a variety of tasks related to bringing an innovative digital client process online. I repeatedly tested the client-facing software to enhance user-experience (UX) design, identifying and documenting improvement areas.

Memorably, I worked with our Fintech outsourcing partner Responsive AI, specifying a digital transformation of the legacy Investment Policy Statement so that it is now drafted instantaneously based on registration information that the client submits themself. I consolidated a feedback report from in-house testers and created a digital workflow presentation, capturing current and future implementations to be used for internal training.

My internship also allowed me to explore the marketing side of a successful wealth management firm. I was able to take the lead on a variety of tasks to display the Genus brand identity. These included drafting a detailed response for the CFA Consultation Paper on ESG Disclosure Standards for Investment Products, drafting a research report detailing the Impact investing landscape in Canada (where I learned Genus was and continues to be a leader in the space), and creating a diversity report to highlight the commitment the firm has made to a diverse executive and firm ownership.

Learning through Collaboration

Finally, I was given the opportunity sit in asset mix meetings alongside portfolio managers to learn about the adjustments being made to client portfolios to continuously respond to risk and opportunity in markets. It was an amazing opportunity to see different quantitative and judgement-based investment strategies being deployed.

Learning about the rationale to support changes provided a unique insight to the process which inspired me to continue learning about the market and how even the slightest piece of new information can have an impact on portfolio optimization. This year was an amazing time to see firsthand how innovative active strategies can help investment managers like Genus to find value and manage risk in even the most challenging of market and economic environments.

In unprecedented times, I was given an unparalleled opportunity to work for an incredible firm at Genus Capital Management. I am grateful to my supervisor Thomas Holloway as this would not be possible without him. Holloway supported me from the interview up until my final day of the internship. His guidance helped me find success during my term and I look forward to using his teachings throughout the rest of my career.

Genus strives to educate the public on the impact in their investment portfolio.

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Client impact

“Graduating from a big bank to Genus was one of the best financial steps we've ever taken. Genus has delivered reliable asset growth despite our moderate risk tolerance. As our financial security has grown, we've also been the beneficiaries of a great client experience. The company's communications have been consistently transparent and informative, including educational webinars and a well-designed web portal where we can track investments daily. Most importantly to us, our portfolio manager has always responded swiftly and thoroughly to our questions and requests. ”
Martin T.
"Having relatively diverse financial goals and needs, along with a slight reticence regarding the stock market, Genus skillfully addressed all of our concerns, and put together a truly exceptional plan: Fossil free funds and a diversified investment portfolio, check; An effective Impact investment portfolio that coincides with our hopes and dreams for a better world, check; Professional advice and assistance to create a donor advised charitable fund with immediate charitable receipts for tax purposes, check. Returns? Way beyond our expectations! We even had some fun along the way and certainly enjoyed an incredible two-year start to what will be a satisfying long-term relationship with Genus."
Marc B.
“I love the service I get at Genus.”
Chris H.
“Leslie and I were fellow board members when we met twenty years ago. For the last ten she has been thoughtful in the construction of an investment strategy for my family and is executing the strategy as planned. The team at Genus has met my expectations and are a pleasure to deal with.”
Bob Q.
“For over 15 years, I have provided selection and performance evaluation of multiple investment managers for a significant family office. Leslie and Genus have been foundational for me in my role. I have always found Leslie and her colleagues to be insightful and proactive, and found the performance of their portion of the portfolio to be well above benchmarks. And they have been a great pleasure to work with.”
Douglas H.
“Genus is a very innovative firm. I am pleased to invest in their Fossil Free and Impact strategies that help me invest in line with my values.”
Marnie C.
“Great team of professionals. Excellent website and reporting. Responds to inquiries promptly. Very pleased with the process of changing from another company to Genus as well. Kudos.”
David L.
“Genus consistently provides a good, clearly explained, comprehensive picture of the general economic and financial situation, along with an excellent account of the investment decisions made in relation to this. Genus’ equally strong concern with clients’ questions and requests for further information is also a very important part of the service it provides.”
Allan S.
“Back in 1992 when I found myself at fifty with a substantial amount of money to invest, I knew just one thing — that I didn’t want to contribute to tobacco companies, arms manufacturers, or oil. But over the ensuing years the options for socially responsible investing have become far more sophisticated and I’m very happy that this is a big part of the Genus approach. I also very much appreciate the long-term relationship with my portfolio manager, Mary Lou.”
Ann P.

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